Platinum kashmir strain

The origins of the Kush cannabis family are rooted in the Hindu-Kush Mountains that meander through the borders of modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thousands of years, possibly tens of thousands of years ago man was growing Kush here. Is hotly debated with too many tall tales to know for sure which individuals are owed the credit for bringing ancient Kush genetics to the West. However, we can be certain that it happened just in time.

In the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and so began a terrible trend. Ever since War and conflict have plagued the whole Middle-East. Civilian Kush seed hunting expeditions have all but ceased. Fortunately, breeders from the US and Europe have been cultivating, hybridising and refining vintage Kush genetics for close to 50 years now.

One strain sits on the Kush throne and in our opinion, the queen of all Kush varieties is the OG Kush. Critically acclaimed and beloved by ordinary decent stoners everywhere this Kush is a cut above the rest. Believe the hype. Gooble, Gobble, Gooble, Gobble. One of us! Grow some OG Kush. Read more. Then you need to get a pack of Critical Kush right away.

Critical Kush is a fast flowering compact indica hybrid. Ideally suited to beginner growers and connoisseurs.

In just 60 days of bloom or less this strain can perform to the highest standards with minimal maintenance required. Highly responsive to bloom boosters and tolerant of high doses of fertiliser.

Outdoors in a sunny spot with large containers and some privacy dense bushes 1m For the grower that loves classic Kush and hates to let winning genetics slip through their fingers. We recommend the Master Kush. This old school hybrid of Hindu Kush and Skunk 1 is a pleasure to crop and a really nice strain to clone with a high success rate.

Most Master Kush will stay short and stocky and race to harvest in weeks. Watch out for mold in high humidity environments. Colas will swell significantly in the final weeks of flowering. Lesser known as a stealth Kush due to her more subtle growing odour. A low-profile Kush in more ways than one. Delivering a mellow physical effect rather than a heavy couchlock. Perhaps the most simplistic Kush hybrid to cultivate and definitely one of the highest yielding is the Power Kush.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Platinum Cookies Strain Review

Seed and Strain Reviews. Seedbank Reviews Seedbank Reviews for seedbanks across the globe. Threads 4. Today at PM Bignutes. Smoke Reports Interested in trying a new strain? Check other users smoke reports. Threads 1.

What is the most Euphoric and uplifting strain you have ever tried? Thursday at PM blue pyro. Filters Show only: Loading…. Sticky Greenpoint seeds!! Replies 45K Views 2M. Today at PM tkufoS. Sticky Marijuana Seeds. Replies 2K Views K. Mar 3, icetech. Replies Views K. Jan 17, 1ManTeam. Replies 51K Views 4M. Topdawg Genetics. KhaliBudz Dec 8, Replies 3K Views K. Anyone growing Compound Genetics stuff? Replies 3 Views Prolific Coast Seeds. Replies 21 Views 3K.

Dynasty Genetics Thread. Replies 1K Views K. Cannarado genetics.Parents: Platinum Kush is speculated to be a cross between an unknown Afghan variety and Master Kush. Others speculate it may be the result of breeding between OG Kush and an Afghan weed. Aromas, Flavors Sweetness, floral, earthiness, fruity, grape, hashy, citrus, strong May Relieve Platinum Kush bud is known or its ability to induce relaxation.

This makes it a great choice for stress, anxietydepression, ADHD, and other mood disorders that result in anxious feelings.

The long-lasting effect will also help with chronic pain such as back pain, polymyositis, shingles pain, and fibromyalgia. THC Content:.

Plant Height Platinum Kush is a plant of comparatively medium height.

Platinum OG Strain Packs A Powerful Punch

Type Auto-flowering Adverse effects Platinum Kush is a strong sedative and therefore can have the side effect of causing sleepiness, couchlock, dry mouth, and dry eyes.

Growing difficulty Platinum Kush can be an easy plant to grow for cultivators. Origins, Genetics, History Platinum Kush is the ultimate medical strain. It is speculated to be a cross between an unknown Afghan and Master Kush producing a powerful Indica. Alternately, some speculate that it is instead a cross between OG Kush and an Afghan strain. There may be different varieties. The name Platinum Kush describes the bounty of white, reflective, sticky-icky trichomes which contain a high degree of easily accessible THC along with about 1 percent CBD and other cannabinoids.

The CBD content is higher than that of your usual recreational strain and is aimed at adding an anti-inflammatory effect for medical users. Platinum Kush has a Platinum look, due to the sticky, resinous trichomes sprouting in great bounty. Fuzzy green leaves jut out from these densely packed trichomes, with hypnotic pistils meandering out from the center like psychedelic orange vines.

Platinum Kush has a pleasant and surprising fragrance which is sweet and spicy at the same time. There are hints of berries as well as pine. It is pleasing and appetizing, revealing also an earthiness and depth that foreshadows the strong wealth of cannabinoids in the weed plant. Growing weed from Platinum Kush cannabis seeds and cuttings is said to be comparatively easy to do. It will grow to a medium height. Cultivars like to keep it indoors in order to carefully control growing conditions and provide adequate and controlled air low to the growing plant.

Platinum Kush can also be grown outdoors. It thrives in a place that has a drier climate and abundant warmth. It is best to keep it away from cold temperatures.

Indoors, Platinum Kush will be ready for harvest in eight to nine weeks. It will yield a heavy cache of 18 ounces per square meter.

platinum kashmir strain

Outdoors, Platinum Kush will yield a respectable take of about 14 ounces per plant. Harvest will be around the later days of the month of September. Platinum Kush weed has varieties with THC levels of 18 percent and respectable CBD of 1 percent, as well as other therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenoids. There are also varieties that can have a whopping 27 percent content of THC.

If you want a less powerful punch and a smooth sedative effect, you may want to go for the lower THC content. If you need knockout medicine, you may go for the high THC variety. Platinum Kush weed is famed or its ability to cause sedation. This sedation can be useful in altering mood in those are anxious, such as in Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder with anxiety. Those with these disorders will have to try the weed for their medicinal issues to see if it provides the relief they seek.

It may also be useful in calming those with ADHD and those who simply need a respite from the stress of everyday life. Platinum Kush is a great choice for chronic pain.Very resinous with a sweet maple pancake nose, Magellan is in high demand. Very energetic, productive, long lasting effects are perfect for any active occasion. Enhances creativity. Seriously dense, Silver Train is very uplifting with a sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma.

platinum kashmir strain

Many users claim Silver Train has a very noticeable arousal effect. Pinot Green is in a class all by itself. A great choice for most creative activities and especially delightful in social settings.

A mysterious and rare landrace strain from deep within the Amazon of Brazil. It has one of the more unusual noses consisting of hops, lavender, and pine.

Borderliner has paternal ties to Magellan as well as Panichello Haze. A true Sativa with very energetic effects. Siberian Express pulled from deep within the lineage of Pinot Green and Silver Train to produce a dense, fragrant sativa with just a hint of indica from the Trainwreck line. Light and energetic effects make this a great choice for all daytime activities. The scent of native cannabis from Borderliner combines with the undertones of sweet earthiness to deliver a classic euphoria and the focus plus creative spark that is the hallmark of a true sativa.

platinum kashmir strain

We took Chemdawg, added some serious punch from THC Bomb, and ended up with a strong, skunky sativa that hits like a ton of bricks. Flavors of bubble hash, pine, musk, and lemon arrive on the palate. A heavy hitting strain, SideTracked is a very resinous hybrid combining both a head and body high. Musky and skunky with a robust hash aftertaste.

platinum kashmir strain

There is a noticeable distractive effect, hence the name SideTracked. Lush purple flowers with a deep earthy skunk aroma, it is a potent addition to any low key activities. Favored by many connoisseurs, GDP Cookies is a crowd favorite. Kashmir Kush is a distinctly exotic strain. A strong pine and fuel nose.

Kashmir Kush is resinous and rich. A true indica, this is a smoke to evaporate stress and tension. Cart 0. Welcome About Contact. Oregon Cannabis Authority. Eugene, OR. We are family, dedicated to conscientiously and ethically producing the cleanest, highest quality, craft cannabis we can. And at an affordable price for our end consumers. To that end we spend countless hours breeding and developing unique in-house cultivars not generally found elsewhere.

Our focus is on the experience our flower generates so that we may find ways to enhance lifestyles. Facilities manager Daniel. We specialize mostly in Sativa strains.Sign in using your Facebook account.

You can also sign up using your facebook account as well. Sign in With Facebook. Add Review. Buy Nearby. Kashmir comes right out of the gate with a hard hitting buzz that will relax the body and droop the eyes. This strain's offspring are Vanilla Kush Indica-Hybrid. Add Review All Reviews.

Used Kashmir as a wake and bake bud, but that is a huge mistake cause you won't get up and be active for about 2 hours after you finish smoking. Kashmir was relaxing and was a great smelling and tasting flower. I definitely recommend Kashmir. I'm really happy with this one a lot happier than I thought I'd be because I'm not a big fan of pine scents or tastes but this blew me away!

Nice clean relaxed high with instantaneous pain relief! Oh sweet little plant you are light years ahead of the medical field! The last batch I tried was one beautiful bud. It smoked so smooth and left you with a very happy high. Hello there! This feature requires you to be registered and logged on iBudtender.

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Signup Login. Disclaimer: Medical cannabis science is in a continually evolving state. To ensure Ibudtender. The information provided is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, mitigate or prevent any diseases. All information available has not evaluated by the FDA and any claims by any product companies are not endorsed by Ibudtender.

Do not use this material to diagnose or treat a health condition or disease without consulting a qualified healthcare provider. Use other accounts Sign in using your Facebook account. Login with your account. Keep Me Logged In. I forgot my password? Kashmir Strain Review and Information. Consumption form:. Consumption method:. Smoke Vaporize.Available throughout several dispensaries in California, you may be lucky enough to stumble across this unique OG Kush phenotype, popularly referred to as Platinum OG.

Although the genetics are vague and unconfirmed from the source, it is believed that the Platinum OG strain stems from the combination of Master KushOG Kushand an unknown third strain — some believe the Purps strain. None the less, this is a cannabis strain you will want to try. Yawns and heavy eye-lids are inevitable. Any pent up stress or feeling of anxiety seem to wash away within 30 minutes of medicating with the Platinum OG strain, and is followed by a deep wave of psychological relief that begins in the mind and ends with you laying down somewhere comfortable.

The Indica in its genetics and high THC percentage makes Platinum OG a good strain for boosting appetite, as well as easing upset stomachs. Each hit from the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer provides a smooth, vapor with amazing taste similar to most Kush strains.

This softness of the smoke, coupled with the piney earth undertones of ocean grown kush will have you excited and reaching for the bowl or vaporizer for the next hit. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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The Kashmir region of India is known for producing some legendary indicas as well as the yarn made from goat wool. More important, the grower had better make sure that smoking it is smoother on the lungs than Marvin Gaye.

Nobody wants to cough aggressively on Cashmere. Fortunately, everything will go smoothly if you buy it from the right place. Our favorite versions of either strain come from Good Chemistry and Kind Love. Just be ready for an early bedtime if you succumb. Color ranges from wintergreen to dark pine, with some occasional purple mixed in. Engaging with our readers is essential to Westword's mission.

Make a financial contribution or sign up for a newsletter, and help us keep telling Denver's stories with no paywalls. Smell: Cashmere has strong whiffs of pine up front, followed by sweet, rubbery notes with a vanilla back end, reminiscent of bubble gum. Those classic Kush aromas play second fiddle to OG-like pine scents, however, making Cashmere smell like a sweeter version of Skywalker OG. Effects: Cashmere usually delivers a calming, euphoric wave initially, followed by a slow but gentle shift into physical relaxation.

But this one had big, compact buds that made the basement smell like a mix of pine air freshener and vanilla gum.

Bottom branches got weak, and so did the buds. Lot of sugar leaves on it, though, so it was good for edibles and hash. All rights reserved. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed.

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Herbert Fuego 4. Be careful with this. It's Cashmere. Herbert Fuego July 24, am. Facebook Twitter.

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Marijuana Deals Near You. Support Our Journalism. Herbert Fuego is the resident stoner at Westwordready to answer all your marijuana questions.

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